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Night-In Gift Box


This Luxury Gift Box is filled with new and unique items from Chantal Guillon. Fall in love with Chantal Guillon with this wonderful gift, filled with delicious, fresh French Macarons, Bonne Nuit Aromatherapy Sleeping Mist, and a Prestige Human & Tea Box perfectly paired for you. This special gift comes in a 6pcs or a 12 pcs version , The Night In Gift Box 

Enjoy this unique combination with friends or family, or simply for you to enjoy a night in!

The box is made of beautifully hand-crafted, durable white cardboard. A macaron flavor description card as well as other unique gifts will be included to help you get acquainted with your purchase. In addition, our team hand wraps each box with a satin fabric ribbon in the color of your choosing. Finally, add your personal message by filling out the Gift Message field.

If you are interested in branded gift box, learn more here.

To be added to the cart, first select the Macarons Quantity (6 pcs or 12 pcs) and the assortment options you would like to be included in the box.

Individual Box Dimension: 14 x 10 x 4 inches.

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Night-In Gift Box

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