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"The Extravagant" - Adjustable Macaron Tower

Discover the Extravagant Macarons Tower to display your Chantal Guillon Macarons! Perfect for parties, corporate events, dessert buffet, baby showers, and holiday banquets.

This tiered display macaron tower can be configured to fit the guests' requirements of your event. You can choose from 8 levels for a medium version, up to a total of 10 levels, for a maximum of 96 macarons. See details below


    • 10 levels = 96 macarons: Height 20″, Diameter 13” (at the bottom)

    • 9 levels = 80 macarons: Height 18 1/2″, Diameter 11 3/4” (at the bottom)

    • 8 levels = 65 macarons: 16 1/4″ tall x 11 1/4” diameter base.

You will receive the tower disassembled and the macarons on protective packaging, in order to prevent breakage during transport.

You will receive the tower with instructions and gloves. IT IS VERY EASY AND FUN TO ASSEMBLE.

"The Extravagant" - Adjustable Macaron Tower

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